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Dramatised in 3 parts for radio by
Gerry Conneely.

Michael Davitt was born in Straide, Co. Mayo on the eve of the Great Famine. His family were evicted and fled to England. Michael, himself found work in a cotton factory at age nine, at thirteen he lost his right arm in a work accident. The tragedy resulted in his getting an education. In his early twenties he became a major figure in the I.R.B. (The Fenians). Convicted of gun running he served a long sentence on hard labour. 


On his release he became involved in Boycotting in county Mayo, and he  become the leader of the land league. Davitt realised he had the possibility, in his hands, of breaking the hated landlord system but he needed the collaboration of  the constitutional nationalists and the physical force men of the I.R.B. In bringing together the divergent groups and weaving them into a unitary strategy, Davitt changed the history of his country. He then went on to Poland, Russia, South Africa, India and Australia, becoming a great international ambassador for Reform. The drama also touches on his personal life.

Driector: Gerry Conneely

Producer: Riona Hughes

Sound Recording and Editing: Paula Healy

Funded by the Broadcasting Authority of ireland and broadcast on Midwest Radio.

Seamus O’Donnell: Michael Davitt

Eric Martyn: Martin Davitt (father) Matt Harris, Foley, Warder.

Neil Bairead: Charles Stewart Parnell, John Dean, Edmund Pyke,
Constable Cribbs and Warder.

Iggy Bowens: James Daly, John Devoy and Landlords Agent.

Niamh Kavanagh: Mary Davitt (sister) and Mary Yore (wife)

Jonathan Hannon: Judge Wiley, JJ louden.

Caithnia Haverty: Fiach

Riona Hughes: Catherine Davitt (Mother)

Gerry Conneely: Tom, George Poskitt, Sargent Ormsby.

Lynelle Colleran: Brigid Collins

Jenny Downey: 13 year old Davitt


Deirbhile Ni Bhrollochain, original recording of 'Johnny Seoighe'

The Chieftans: The Lovely Sweet Banks of the Moy

Colm O’Donnell: The Banks of the Moy

Kenneth Bostrom: Tin Whistel in a Tunnell

Muhammad Al-Hussain: The Banks of the Moy

Colleen Rainey: The Lovely Green banks of the Moy

Lumiere: The West Awake

Michael Davitt:
Our Land

Iaro Productions: Radio Drama

Listen to the episodes below

Episode 1
00:00 / 25:28
Episode 2
00:00 / 25:01
Episode 3
00:00 / 25:07
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