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  • It's all taking place in one zoom and you can move from room to room.

  • Drop into the Help Desks for info on all the Socs & Clubs.

  • The Societies also have a selection of hour long fun activelps for you to join at any time through the day, you can come and go as you please. Click on the images above for more info.

  • You can also click on the links below to see all the Socs & Clubs and log into yourspace to join them.

  • Don't forget to register for your gift when you join the first room.  Gifts will be posted over the next few weeks.


  • For best results, download the Zoom App before joining the Session. See instruction in 'How to use Zoom' link below.

  • If you have Zoom installed, simply click the Meeting link below and then Launch Meeting

  • If you don't have Zoom installed, you can download Zoom at this link or by clicking the Meeting Link Below, and selecting Download Now


To join a Society or Club, log into with your ID & University password.

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