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Movie Theatre

SocsBox is proud to present Socs Cinema,

cinema nights provided to you by our wonderful societies.


We'll have a fantastic selection of films each week, with at least two showings a night from Monday to Thursday.

the first set of showings will begin at 6 pm, with the second set kicking off at 8pm.

In the Lecture Theatre HBB & Lecture Hall Aras ui Catahill

any questions call to the SocsBox open

10am - 8pm

What's Coming UP?
monday 26th Oct

AUC Lecture Hall @ 6pm: Avantgarde Soc: 'Branded To Kill'

                             Tuesday 27th Oct

AUC Lecture Theatre @ 6pm: 'WiSTEM EGM and Screening'

HBB Lecture Theatre @ 6pm: Anime&Manga: Devilman (4 Epidoes

HBB Lecture Theatre @ 8pm: Neurodivergent Society: 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'.

                Wednesday 28th Oct

HBB Lecture Theatre @ 6pm: Amnesty Soc: 'The Breadwinner'

HBB Lecture Theatre @ 8pm: FilmSoc: 'Dracula (1958)'

                 thursday 28th Oct

AUC Lecture Hall @ 6pm: Maths Soc 'Cube Zero'.


How to book your free ticket for Socs Cinema (while yourspace is inaccessible)


Each person attending must book their own ticket in via the form they will be emailed or find on the society temporary calendar

Sitting with your friends: If you are attending with friends you can register as a pod. NB: Only one of you in the pod must fill in the form that you will find in the society event in the temporary calendar so we can seat you together.


Note: Pods can be a maximum of 6 persons and each pod must be 2 meters distance from each other.


The max number that can attend is 50. This depends on the size of the venue. Wear masks when entering and when not in your seat.

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