Join us for eleven film shorts from NUI Galway Students, from the Houston School of Film and Digital Media, their partner Drexel University Philadelphia and from members of the NUI Galway Film Society.
Also enjoy a selection of films from various departments in the University. Additionally we have created a film for the festival. 

All the films are free to watch from 12pm on August 26th until 12pm August 30th.

Merlin Woods

Since lockdown the NUI Galway Societies Office has run a series of interactive programmes on Zoom as part of the SocsBox live Series. 

As part of the project we worked with Caroline and Colin Stanley of Friends of Merlin Woods, They brought us on wonderful journeys into the woods and surrounding areas.

We got the opportunity to see nature up close, the insects and flowers and all the hidden things and an appreciation of the delicate balance needed to support the precious habitats on our doorstep. This film is a compilation of their videos and chats.

Edited by Aislinn Hughes

View video below No. 1


 'AfterImage' Art Project

& CÚRAM Artist in Residence - the making of AFTERIMAGE

'AFTERIMAGE’, shows portraits of 19 people who live or work in the Westside of Galway, and reveals the remarkable diversity of contemporary Irish society. The exhibit, now permanently housed in the Westside Resource Centre, consists of 19 portraits, each composed of a black and white portrait accompanied by a colour negative mapping.

In 2017 and 2018, the award winning artists Cleary Connolly worked with CÚRAM’s Art and Science Manager, Andrea Fitzpatrick, CÚRAM Researchers and the community of Galway’s Westside to create this project, which was supported by the Galway City Council. 

Each portrait is set against a background of images drawn from science and research, which are highly aesthetic images that warrant a second look to decipher their content. Each participant is a researcher, either in real life or in their imagination, and so while the CÚRAM researchers appear against images drawn from their own work, the local community are set against images referring to their preferred area of research, in response to the question; “If you were a researcher what would you research?”

View videos below No. 2 & 3

Playing Sick

Playing Sick - How Actors Contribute to Healthcare Education.

This film created by Bronwyn Reid-McDermott from the NUI Galway School of Medicine & ICAPSS and introduces us to the actors who take on the roles of patients/family members to help teach healthcare students and staff how to interact and communicate with patients.

Simulation is imitation – the art of pretending. To recreate an environment that physically, psychologically or conceptually reflects that of the real world. In Medicine, simulation is used by medical students and junior doctors to practice their skills. There are lots of simulators available that mimic body parts and are made from latex and doctors can practice and perfect skills like suturing and operating. These skills are very important but there are other important skills that we want our doctors to have such as excellent listening skills, clear communication, empathy and kindness. Medical students can practice and perfect these skills on real people who are trained to 'play sick'.


A Simulated Participant/Participant (SP) is a person who has been carefully trained to play the role of an actual patient. Medical students interact with these SPs and can get feedback on their communication skills. The SPs can be actors or trained lay people of any age, ethnicity, gender and can be trained to simulate any illness or condition. This video introduces you to some of the SPs that 'play sick' at NUI Galway to help the Medical students to learn. You will hear how the actors feel about what they do and the types of roles that they play and get a glimpse of their talents on and off the SP stage!

View video below No. 4

The History of Life

The History of Life film project was overall winner in the category for ‘User-Generated Education Media’ at the 2019 MEDEA Awards in Belgium. It also scooped the ‘Audience Favourite’ prize among the shortlisted finalists, which was decided through a live vote taken by the international delegates attending the ceremony.

Since 2011, final year undergraduate science students at NUI Galway taking the class module History of Life have worked in small groups to produce short documentary-style films on any aspect of evolution they choose.


The project was developed and is run by geologist and palaeontologist Dr John Murray from Earth and Ocean Sciences in NUI Galway, with continuing support from the University’s Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT ). You can enjoy the series at the link below.

View series on

youtube Chanel here

View video below No. 5 - 14

A series of shorts on a diverse range

of topics about the evolution of life on earth.

Festival Documentaries: Scroll to View
Festival Film Shorts
  • Aqua Profunda

    Mark has an intense love of fish and water. However, this love has a massive impact on his relationships with his friends and family. Mark learns to navigate between his obsession and maintaining a somewhat normal life. 

    NUI Galway Film Society.

    Director Patrick Fallon.

  • Come Die With Me

    Ryan welcomes three other Come Dine With Me contestants into his home for an evening of good friends, hearty food, and fun banter. There is something off about Ryan though?

    NUI Galway Film Society.

    Director Kieran O'Brian.

  • Contemporary

    Finding your place in the world can be difficult, finding your place in the world while wearing a dinosaur costume even more so. Two friends go on a quirky journey of self-discovery.

    NUI Galway Film Society.

    Director Patrick Fallon

  • Peter and Paul

    Two friends discuss what it means to exist over the course of a day. It evolves into an intense met-narrative set to the tone of two lads in a pub.

    NUI Galway Film Society.

    Director Conor Hooper

  • Interview

    Francis is at an intense interview for a new job and he is willing to get this job by any means necessary.

    Huston School of Film & Digital Media,

    Directed by Conor kelly

  • Isn't It Neat?

    A heart-warming documentary looking at a man named Luke and his love for models and model making.

    Huston School of Film & Digital Media,

    Directed by Áine Deane

  • Tattoo or Taboo

    A fascinating documentary into the world of tattooing and the people who have them. Exploring the meaning of tattoos, and a world that some people consider to be taboo.

    Huston School of Film & Digital Media,

    Directed by Lauren Bright

  • Japanese Cartoons & Humans Who Likes Them.

    A look at the rise of Anime in different communities outside japan and the influence it has on people around the world.

    Huston School of Film & Digital Media,

    Directed by Lily O'Connor

  • The Hedgehog Dilemma

    Elliot has a lot of trouble forming meaningful connections with people, until he meets Rosie. A brutally honest look at the world of dating with physical and mental disabilities. 

    Drexel University Philadelphia,

    Directed by Sarah Dervin.

  • A Folk Song

    A fascinating look at a couple who have carved out a niche for themselves by moving to the Irish countryside and "capturing" fairies.

    Huston School of Film & Digital Media

    Directed by Craig Lawlor.

  • Cause and Effect

    Longlisted for the RDS Visual Arts Award, Cause and Effect is a highly experimental film that challenges the viewer to find meaning the sounds they hear and the images they see. Best enjoyed with headphones in.

    Huston School of Film & Digital Media

    Directed by Craig Lawlor