Irish Student Drama Association Festival

goes virtual for 2020!

Aisling Aisling  &   Lamplight



UCC Dramat


Following the funeral of their abusive father, four brothers reunite to simultaneously mourn and celebrate his death.

Aisling Aisling

MU Drama Society

As the aspiring actress Aisling prepares for her role on a new RTE Junior daytime show, she discovers that monsters don’t always hide under your bed, but often lurk in the places you least expect them to.

Aisling Aisling is a story of entertainment industry horror told in both Irish and English.


Ghost Light     &     Zugzwang

Ghost Light

QU Players

Three artists, faced with the loss of everything they love, find solace in the one place they call home.



NUI Galway Dramsoc


Eastern Columbia...Broadway at Night!

The Irish Student Drama Association, or ISDA, is the umbrella organisation of Ireland’s most prolific third-level drama societies. The highlight of the ISDA year is the association’s annual ISDA Festival, and the accompanying Awards ceremony, hosted on rotation by some of the larger member Drama Societies. The 2020 ISDA Festival was due to be hosted by the NUI Galway Drama Society in April of this year, inviting the top student productions from around the island of Ireland to compete for the audience's attention and the adjudicators' favour in heart of the European Capital City of Culture for 2020.

Unfortunately due to the ongoing global pandemic, venues around the world had to go dark for the foreseeable future to help prevent the further spread of the virus. ISDA 2020, like every other public gathering, was postponed for the safety of everyone on the stage and in the stalls.

So, how does one go about hosting an intervarsity of a collaborative and performative nature in front of an audience in a socially distanced world?

Well, you put it online of course!

As part of NUI Galway's Virtual Summer Festival, ISDA 2020 is being hosted online, giving you the opportunity to see Irelands top student productions as they compete for the coveted Irish Student Drama Awards. Six of the leading Student Drama Societies have collectively been mustering their resources and efforts to bring you a showcase of their hard work and talent in the form of twelve productions which you can watch from the comfort of your own home! These filmed performances are being paired up will be screened here twice each over the course of the festival before the Awards ceremony is streamed live on Saturday the 29th August at 9.30pm

Tickets for all shows are €4 and will be available here.

Details on how to the Awards Ceremony stream to be announced here.

The Interview     &     Disciples


The Interview

DU Players


The Cotswolds, England. A pivotal moment in the life of Conservative politician.

Harry Bright has done something embarrassing and detrimental to his career, and has gone about organising an interview, explaining his side of the story with the BBC


NUI Galway Dramsoc


A love story about cults, black holes and staying together - even when you're apart

Photograph: Jess Harkin


A Midsummer Night's Dream

  &   Concrete Island

Concrete Island

UCD Dramsoc

Clara travels to an island in search of her friend.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

NUI Galway Dramsoc

 Lord, what fools these mortals be!

Concrete Island.jpg

POP TART  &   Immaculate


DU Players


Follow a ‘first year in Trinity fucking College’, as she experiences a messy night out in Dublin and struggles to emotionally digest the end of her long term relationship.

It’s about growing up, womanhood, nudity, love, fashion, the tension between appearance and substance and sex.

Pop Tart.png


UCD Dramsoc

Three eras of Irish women.

Inspired by womanhood, motherhood and pregnancy in an evolving Catholic Ireland.