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Quad Christmas Tree Selfie posted to SocsBox FB

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Exhibition: Galway Photos by Chaosheng Zhang


Dr. Chaosheng Zhang works at Discipline of Geography, NUI Galway. His academic background covers geographical information system (GIS) and environmental geochemistry. Dr. Zhang is chair and organizer of several international conferences held in Galway: SEGH 2010; SESEH 2012; ISEH 2016 & Geoinformatics 2016; ISEH 2021, ICEPH 2021 & MEDGEO 2021. 


From 2017, Dr. Zhang has been taking beautiful photos Galway and campus of NUI Galway. His photos have been used in various publications at the University and widely shared on social media. In 2018, Dr. Zhang received ‘National Conference Ambassador Award’ from Failte Ireland. Four calendars have been published based on his photos. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Zhang made 10 of his photos publicly available via social media for free downloading.


The social media accounts of Dr. Chaosheng Zhang are as follows:

Twitter: @ZhangChaosheng

Facebook: @Chaosheng Zhang

Instagram: @chaoshengzhang

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