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After the success of our Summer Drama Festival last July, we are delighted to invite you to explore the world of theatre with us virtually. Our programme features the Irish Student Drama Association's 2020 ISDA Festival, with virtual productions from 6 colleges and the Awards Ceremony. Be part of the jury in 'WikiLeaks on Trial' with Hot Potato Productions.  There is an interactive Children's Theater show from Beluga. Luna is an intriguing  drama from Dramsoc where you choose the ending. 2 radio dramas on the lives of Delia Murphy & Michael Davitt. All events except the radio dramas require tickets. Note there are limited numbers for some of the interactive shows.

WikiLeaks on Trail

Hot Potato Productions

An interactive drama
written  by Jenny Bassett

Wed 26th 18:00

Friday 28th, 20:00

Tickets €5

Using the online platform Zoom, Hot Potato Productions will create a Virtual Court room performance based on the extradition hearing of Julian Assange to the US.


The interactive performance will ask you, the audience to form the jury to hear the case and reach a conclusion.

A court hearing that began on Feb. 24 2020 could determine whether WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who published classified U.S. government communications as well as emails hacked by Russia from Hilary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign, will continue to be confined – and if so, where and how.

The hearing will decide whether Assange is sent to the U.S. to face trial in a case that could have serious implications for First Amendment protections. Yet the core issues at stake – media freedoms in the digital age and the global limits of the U.S. justice system – have been obscured by Assange's personal life, by the refuge he sought in Ecuador's London embassy and by curious claims about his behaviour not that well supported.

As of the 1 June 2020 Assange's full extradition hearing was still scheduled for 7 September.


Irish Student

Drama Awards


See Full ISDA
Programme Here


Tickets €3

NUI Galway Dramsoc was hosting the annual Irish Student Drama Awards in April when they had to cancel, as a result they are hosting the virtual as part of the festival. 

Treat yourself to a host of high calibre student drama as they explore ways to make virtual dramatic. Each slot will feature two productions.

Over the years ISDA has acted as the starting point in the careers of such theatre heavyweights as Michael Colgan, Conor McPherson, Fiona Shaw, Alan Stanford, Barry McGovern, Cian O’Brien & Tom Creed from Rough Magic and Garry Hynes from Druid; as well as other well-known names like actress Pauline McLynn and comedian Chris O’Dowd... to name but a few!


The Awards ceremony and wrap party takes place on Saturday 29th when the winners in various categories will be announced by the judges. 




Wed 26th 20:00

Saturday 29th 19:00


Tickets €3 Dramsoc Members €2

"He has a dog, Luna. And well, we're gonna kidnap her"

Two friends devise a plan to help their friend Timmy who has been hiding away in his room all summer with a broken heart. This plan includes a missing dog, a ransom note and some questionable decisions.​


Luna is a 'choose your own adventure' video based on the play of the same name by Written by: Sean Murphy, staged as part of the Jerome Hynes One Act Series in February 2020, which took place as part of the Dramsoc Theatre Week. It won best script and Kiara Toal, won best actress at the One Act Series Awards. Directed by Aisling Hanrahan. 


Watch the video, make your own decisions and see how your choices shape the story!

When you purchase your ticket you will have access to the film drama for 24 hours after the start time.

LUNA no text.png

Bella the Beluga


Zoom Adventure

Beluga Theatre

Thursday 27th 16:00

Friday 28th 12:00

Saturday 29th 12:00

Tickets €4

Join Oisin and the gang at Beluga for an interactive Zoom adventure.

Last year Beluga, as part of the NUI Galway Summer Drama Festival,  treated us the the mischief magic of 'Marty Moncrieff The Teddy Bear Thief'

This year Oisin Robbins is creating an online interactive drama that  explores  the power of creativity and the connections within and between us all. 

Bella is a beluga Whale, she is a great jumper, its her favourite pass time, she hopes to enter for the Sealympics.  When she decided to practice by jumping over Ireland, things don't go according to plan, Bella is going to need a lot of help.


Oisin is no stranger to virtual theatre, this time he will be exploring ways to engage his young audience via zoom. Suitable for ages  4 +

Ticket numbers will be limited.



Play Video
delia and michael.png

Dramatised in 5 parts for radio by
Gerry Conneely.


The Extraordinary story of, Mayo singer Delia Murphy She was a Sinn Fein activist at UCG, She established the Irish Mission in London as the best known diplomatic party house during the 1930s. She became the most famous person in Ireland in 1939 when her first three recordings were played on Radio Eireann. 'Mellow the Moonlight', 'Three lovely lassies from Bannion' and 'The Blackbird'  established her as Ireland's  very own radio darling.She then moved with her husband to Mussolini's Italy where her husband was appointed head of the Irish Legation to the Holy See. While in Italy she found herself at the centre of an undercover network, led by Irishman Hugh O Flaherty, which saved thousands of Jews and allied prisoners of war 

​Driector: Gerry Conneely

Producer: Riona Hughes

Sound Recording and Editing: Paula Healy

Funded by the Broadcasting Authority of ireland and broadcast on Midwest Radio.

Cast List

Eilish McCarthy _ Delia
Neill Bairead - Tom
Seamus O'Donnell,

Eric Martyn,

Jonathan Hannon,

Oisin Parslow
Davin McGowan.

Brian May,

Lynelle Colleran,

Diana Rogerson
Pete Ryan,

Gerry Conneely,

Riona Hughes,

Cathnia Haverty
Ciosa McGinley,

Claudia Glavey,

Mattie Lohan,

Kevin Murphy


Iaro Productions: Radio Drama

Listen to the episodes below
from Wed 26th 12:00 -
Monday 30th 12:00

Delia EP 1
00:00 / 27:27
Delia EP 2
00:00 / 27:37
Delia EP 3
00:00 / 30:08
Delia EP 4
00:00 / 27:45
Delia EP 5
00:00 / 30:01

Dramatised in 3 parts for radio by
Gerry Conneely.

Michael Davitt was born in Straide, Co. Mayo on the eve of the Great Famine. His family were evicted and fled to England. Michael, himself found work in a cotton factory at age nine, at thirteen he lost his right arm in a work accident. The tragedy resulted in his getting an education. In his early twenties he became a major figure in the I.R.B. (The Fenians). Convicted of gun running he served a long sentence on hard labour. 


On his release he became involved in Boycotting in county Mayo, and he  become the leader of the land league. Davitt realised he had the possibility, in his hands, of breaking the hated landlord system but he needed the collaboration of  the constitutional nationalists and the physical force men of the I.R.B. In bringing together the divergent groups and weaving them into a unitary strategy, Davitt changed the history of his country. He then went on to Poland, Russia, South Africa, India and Australia, becoming a great international ambassador for Reform. The drama also touches on his personal life.

Driector: Gerry Conneely

Producer: Riona Hughes

Sound Recording and Editing: Paula Healy

Funded by the Broadcasting Authority of ireland and broadcast on Midwest Radio.

Seamus O’Donnell: Michael Davitt

Eric Martyn: Martin Davitt (father) Matt Harris, Foley, Warder.

Neil Bairead: Charles Stewart Parnell, John Dean, Edmund Pyke,
Constable Cribbs and Warder.

Iggy Bowens: James Daly, John Devoy and Landlords Agent.

Niamh Kavanagh: Mary Davitt (sister) and Mary Yore (wife)

Jonathan Hannon: Judge Wiley, JJ louden.

Caithnia Haverty: Fiach

Riona Hughes: Catherine Davitt (Mother)

Gerry Conneely: Tom, George Poskitt, Sargent Ormsby.

Lynelle Colleran: Brigid Collins

Jenny Downey: 13 year old Davitt


Deirbhile Ni Bhrollochain, original recording of 'Johnny Seoighe'

The Chieftans: The Lovely Sweet Banks of the Moy

Colm O’Donnell: The Banks of the Moy

Kenneth Bostrom: Tin Whistel in a Tunnell

Muhammad Al-Hussain: The Banks of the Moy

Colleen Rainey: The Lovely Green banks of the Moy

Lumiere: The West Awake

Michael Davitt:
Our Land

Iaro Productions: Radio Drama

Listen to the episodes below
from Wed 26th 12:00 - Monday 30th 12:00

Episode 1
00:00 / 25:28
Episode 2
00:00 / 25:01
Episode 3
00:00 / 25:07
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