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How can I join?

  1. For best results, download the Zoom App before joining the Session. See instructions in 'How to use Zoom' link below.

  2. If you have Zoom installed, simply click the Meeting link below and then Launch Meeting

  3. If you don't have Zoom installed, you can download Zoom at this link or by clicking the Meeting Link Below, and selecting Download Now

  4. Be sure you have logged in with your name, or rename yourself in the main landing room.

  5. You will arrive in the main landing room, here you can ask any questions about the zoom and how to navigate it.

  6. You will then be able to move freely from room to room. There are 7 rooms and a 'Q & A' panel room for you to choose from. 

  7. There will also be private consultation rooms so you can get some one-to-one advice, do not enter these unless invited. 

  8. The Q & A Panel Room will have a panel of experts to answer general queries.

  9. The 7 Query Rooms will have experts in the specific areas to answer more specific questions in more detail. 

  10. You can request a one-to-one in the consultation rooms.

  11. How do I ask Questions? You can ask questions publicly via the chat function to 'everybody' or put a query into the room admin which will be read out anonymously. You can also use the raise your hand option at the bottom of your zoom screen.

Health ?

Drop by and meet Dr. Eoin from the Student Health Unit. Eoin will offer advice on basic health and lifestyle choices and how to stay physically & mental well.

He will let you know about useful health apps that all students should have downloaded (particularly Student Health Matters & HSE COVID apps) He will give advice on COVID-19 concerns. Plus tell you about the Student Health Unit, the services/support they provide, their location, how the service works at the moment, and how students go about accessing appts/prescriptions/etc.


He will also be happy to answer any general queries too that students may have on any specific aspect of health. You will be able to post your questions anonymously or send them in, in advance via Instagram.

Money Matters Q

Stop by and meet John (Director of Student Services) and Una and Dave who will be ready to answer any questions about financial concerns you may have and what supports are available form the University.

Shannon Q

Drop in and meet April & David from Shannon College of Hotel Management. They will be there to answer specific Shannon College questions relating to your course and any other queries you may have.

Academic Q 

Meet Mary and Chris who are experts in the area of academic support. They will answer questions about Academic Study Skills, Sums (the math & statistics support Centre), Academic Writing and the Laptop Loan Scheme. So if you have any study related queries this is the room for you.

Q & A Panel 

This room will feature a panel of experts from the University support services who can answer general queries on any topic. They can also advise you on which room you should visit. You can stay as long as you like or go and get some advice form a particular room and then come back in. You can just listen or pop queries into the chat.

Careers, Placement & Course Choice Q 

Drop in and meet members of the Career Development Centre. They will be there to answer your questions you may have about your course choice, give advise on placement options as part of your course and any other queries you may have about career options. 

Disability Support Q

Pop into the Disability Support room if you have a disability, long-term physical/mental health condition, or learning difficulty and would like to chat with one of the Disability Advisors. Jane, Catherine and Pierce will be there to answer your queries.


Did you know that ‘disability’ is defined very broadly in Irish law? It includes many conditions that people may not see as a disability e.g., mental health conditions, significant ongoing illnesses such as diabetes or Crohn’s disease. Most disabilities are invisible! 

Did you known that students with a disability are legally entitled to reasonable accommodations and supports?

YourSpace & Societies Q 

This room is hosted by members of the SocsBox who can answer any questions about societies e.g., which are active, which you should join and how you can join them.

They can also help with any YourSpace Queries you have e.g., how to log in and what opportunities are available to you in your personal student extra curricular portal. 

Be sure to check out all the supports on the main Re-orientation page and click on the links for more information. Click here

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