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How to use Zoom 

Zoom is a great tool for online events and meetings, we are running all of our events for Re-Orientation Day using Zoom. Zoom events can be joined by using the links your Browser, however we recommend installing the Zoom App as there are controls and features which you will not have otherwise. To install Zoom and join an event, follow these instructions.

Visit this website and click the link to download the App for your computer. When it has downloaded you will need to open the downloaded file and run the installation process.

Click on the link to the Event you want to join

Back on this website, click on the button or link to join the event you want to come to. This will open a page asking you to launch the meeting.

You may get a notification to asking you if you want to allow the website to open Zoom, click Allow if you do. Otherwise you can click the launch Meeting button, and the Zoom app will open and connect to the meeting

Screenshot 2021-02-09 at 17.11.23.png

Did you know you the NUI Galway has a Licence for Zoom for all it's Staff and Students?


This gives you access to a Zoom account which allows you to host your own meetings with up to 300 people and up to 30 hours long! You don't need to access it to attend Re-Orientation Day, but there are instructions below if you want to check it out!

Give yourself a name

If you haven't logged in to an account on Zoom it will ask you to enter your name before joining you into the event. Entering just your first name will do, this name will be visible to everyone else at the event so you can make one up if you like, just so long as you don't use anything which people might not be comfortable reading.

If you have used Zoom before it may not ask you for your name, and instead it will display your name which you entered into Zoom before, or your name on your Zoom account if your logged in. If you're happy to use this name that's fine, but if you want to change it, you can rename yourself in the event

Changing your name

When you're in the Zoom meeting you can see you name on the list of participants By clicking Participants at the bottom of the screen. (you may have to click More to see Participants) The Participants list shows you a list of everyone in that Room, your name will have (me) after it.

Screenshot 2021-02-10 at 08.24.39.png
Screenshot 2021-02-10 at 08.25.52.png

Once you can see your name in the Participants list, you can rename yourself by moving your mouse over your name, clicking More, and then Rename.

Screenshot 2021-02-10 at 08.22.21.png

A box will appear and you can enter in your name as you wish it to appear. Click Rename and the process is complete

Screenshot 2021-02-10 at 08.22.49.png
Mute, Start/Stop Video, Breakout Rooms and other features

Let's have a look at the bar at the bottom of the Zoom window, there are several features here which you may be using during the event.


If your window isn't wide enough to display all of the buttons to access these features, click on the More button and they should appear on a list here.

Screenshot 2021-02-10 at 08.24.39.png
Screenshot 2021-02-10 at 08.24.39.png
Mute & Audio Settings
Screenshot 2021-02-10 at 09.13.39.png

The First button on at the bottom of the window is the Mute button. Clicking this will toggle your microphone on or off.

If you click the little arrow next to Mute, a menu appears and you can access Audio Settings. If you're having trouble with the sound in Zoom, there are options to change volume levels, change what device the sound is coming from, and more.

Start/Stop Video

This one is pretty simple, you can start or stop your video by clicking this button. There are loads of options like Virtual Backgrounds and Filters which you can explore if you wish


Clicking the Chat button brings up the chat window, you can see messages sent directly to you, or sent to everyone. you can also send messages to everyone or to individuals here, just click the drop-down next to To: to change the recipient.

Breakout Rooms

For most of the day there will be different things happening in different Rooms in the Zoom Meeting. You can freely come and go between these rooms by opening the Breakout Rooms menu you will see a list of Rooms available at that time. If you move your mouse over the number beside the name of the room, you will see a Join button to go to that Room. When your in a room, you can switch to another room by bringing back up the Breakout Rooms menu, or you can click Leave Room at the bottom right of the screen.

Accessing your NUI Galway Zoom Account

NUI Galway has a License for Zoom for all it's Staff and Students. To access this you can open the Zoom application, and click Sign in

There are different options for signing in, Click the Sign in using SSO.

When asked for your company domain, type in nuigalway-ie and hit enter

A web page will open and bring you to an outlook login page. Simply log in using your credentials which you use to access your NUI Galway Outlook. You will now be signed in on Zoom and be able to start your own meetings, change your account settings, and link Zoom to your NUI Galway Outlook calendar.

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